Restoring Grampa's Guitar

The Bridge Plate

Friday, November 12, 2010

The spruce bridge plate is just not going to cut it with steel strings. The ball ends will soon pull right through it and cause trouble (and we don't want trouble).

So I've glued on a very thin piece of hardwood. That'll do it!

Now it is time to start touching up the top where the bridge was removed. I'm going to attempt to match the colour of the old finish, which is a spirit varnish.

It began like this…

After the bridge was removed (and I did some light sanding) it looked like this......

I've mixed some dyes with shellac and alcohol and will retouch the area first with a fine camel hair brush.

Now for some padding of the finish

This may be as good as it gets, as I am never going to eliminate the chisel gouges without sanding the top way down.

How does it look from a distance?

As my friend Robin is fond of saying.....they'll never see that from the highway!