Restoring Grampa's Guitar

Removing the back

Monday, September 13, 2010

Why am I removing the back, you ask? Well, the previous repairer, who worked on the guitar in 1995 did some reinforcing of the neck block, which the guitar probably was in sore need of. Unfortunately, it is a rather clumsy bit of work with a large spruce block glued and screwed to the existing block. This is something a cabinetmaker might do, but not a luthier. Those dribbles of glue go up towards the top, so I know the back was off in order to install it. Plus, the joint between the back and sides is partially open in a couple of places and there is glue squeeze out still present. It looks like hide glue to me, so OFF WITH THE BACK!

It's starting to release. It is hide glue! well....most of it anyway.

Success! Now I can get at things on the inside and set them right. More or less.