Robert Anderson



February 2017

Since the fall of 2015, I have been working in my home studio on some of the songs I have written over the past few decades. I began with the idea of recording only instruments I had made, so the acoustic guitars, violin, cello and bow are all made by me. But Christmas of 2015 saw me become the lucky owner of a Hagstrom Super Swede, so I just couldn't resist adding some electric guitar to the mix. To add even more of a homemade touch, I made the ribbon microphone used to record the vocals, cello, electric guitar and Kala bass.

In January 2016, I was lucky enough to meet a wonderful cellist - Marianne Houle - from Montreal who spent a delightful and musical 3 days in my workshop/studio with me adding her special touch to some of the songs.  Then, in February and March, my good friends and singing partners Patrice Haan and Susan Ellenton added their sweet harmonies and just this month, the very talented Isabelle Christie (age 10) joined in.

Tony Marcus provided a great western swing fiddle track for Honey Bees and Nick LaRiviere, Miguel Valdez De La Hoz and Barrie Sorensen played the great horn arrangement (by Nick) on The Big One.

Thank you everyone!

Click on the title to listen:

Dream AwayMusic_files/Dream%20Away.mp3
Two Lane Mountain RoadMusic_files/Two%20Lane%20Mountain%20Road.mp3
Cherry BlossomsMusic_files/Cherry%20Blossoms.mp3
All I Need To KnowMusic_files/All%20I%20Need%20to%20Know.mp3
Honey BeesMusic_files/Honey%20Bees.mp3
My Lonely HeartMusic_files/My%20Lonely%20Heart.mp3
The Big OneMusic_files/The%20Big%20One.mp3

thanks for listening.  CD's will be available soon. If you would like to order one for $15.00, send me an email:


Homeward BoundMusic_files/Homeward%20Bound.mp3
So Long MarianneMusic_files/So%20Long%20Marianne.mp3
Blowing In The WindMusic_files/Blowing%20In%20The%20Wind.mp3