"Robert Anderson builds instruments with an eye for detail and sense of perfection that are both rare and beautiful to witness. Each one he makes is unique and created with great love. I am proud and excited to be endorsed with the use of his fine ukulele, which sings with a lovely clear tone that combines beautifully with my voice." Ariel Rubin

"Hi Robert. Just a quick note to tell you how much I appreciate this wonderful guitar.I have just spent the whole morning playing it.It's voice is sobeautiful- it seems the lighter the touch the more pronounced the tone quality, truly great. And, awesome light action. Very much fun." - Jim Rice

"I could not be happier with this guitar. Brazilian and Sitka is one of my personal favorite combinations and here we have some of the very finest examples of each of these tonewoods. The Brazilian is outstanding, with super tight grain and just enough wave to make it interesting and seductive. The top is something very special... Sitka Spruce hand cut from salvaged Ocean pilings and air dried for over 30 years. This is not your average top and you can hear it in the voice, it's very strong and clear with tremendous projection already, this one is sure to be a cannon. This top has a gorgeous deep patina as well and Robert created a stunning Spalted English Maple rosette to set it off. This is an extremely balanced guitar and could easily satisfy me for a lifetime of music. We are very proud of this Dream Series from Robert Anderson." - Paul Heumiller

"The Schoenberg 00C Soloist, a 14-Fret Cutaway, in Indian Rosewood and European Spruce by Robert has been our most popular model, with the first one quite a few years ago having been chosen by jazz fingerstylist Jamie Findlay as his dream flattop. The last one we had was in for just a couple days. I call this model the 00-OM, after the fact that the greatness of the OM comes more from the scale length than from the 000 size. In fact, the 00 with the longer scale has its own special qualities, such as a more pure balance in which counterpoint lines have equal prominance and a particularly musical treble. Robert's guitars are more reminiscent of the Larson Brothers qualities, with a domed but lightly built top, giving great projection and strength of each individual note, as well as more overall volume and powerful bass." - Eric Schoenberg